Amazing Race

With the Amazing Race you will experience a dynamic and challenging photo rallye in real-time! Over 50 photo missions are waiting to be solved. Which teams will decide to solve which challenge and who will be the Amazing Race Winner? The highlight of this excellent and awarded event concept is the live evaluation of all the photo missions through real-time communication.

After a short event briefing of the event leader, the teams need to solve as many photo missions as possible in the given time. For that strategic decisions need to be made. Each team will receive an easy to use iPad, on which the Amazing Race is programmed on. It will show the upcoming missions, register the points and connects your device in real-time with the devices of the other teams.

The teams only need to think, combine and play on their own. The high degree of freedom that the teams receive with this new event concept is outstanding. Each team chooses their own route and individually chooses which missions should be solved. That encourages team spirit. Each team member is important than spontaneity, interaction and creativity are demanded equally. The frame is set alone by the time and the goal to achieve the maximum score. For their orientation, the teams use the integrated map. After the return of all the teams it will get exciting. Subsequently, the exciting award ceremony starts. The winner is…

Our service

  • Event preparations: consulting, timing and scheduling, adjustments to your individual end location
  • Event implementation: fully managed event with experienced and motivated Event Leader and Guides (introduction, team positioning, support, showdown)
  • Team equipment: team bag incl. tablet, map, roadbook
  • Software features: live score, team visibility, souvenir pictures

** Additional costs depending on venue and complexity of the event

Photo show as an emotional finish

You wish to have a lively and cheerful atmosphere after the event and during the aperitif? Are you spending the evening in a nice location or a great restaurant? As another highlight, we provide you with an optional Photo show. Thereby we show all the photo made during the event and award the Picture of the Day. Fun and entertainment are guaranteed.


throughout Switzerland, Basel, Berne, Zurich, Lucerne, Solothurn, Thun, Interlaken, Schaffhausen, Kreuzlingen/Konstanz, St. Gallen, Lausanne, Geneva, Chur, International
20 to 1000 persons
from 2 hours
from CHF 69.00 per person, depending on the group size (excl. VAT.) **
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Amazing Race Benefits

Worldwide & multilingual

Whether in Zurich, St. Moritz, Dubai or somewhere else in the world, we can help organise this event anywhere you wish. All concepts are available in German and English and on upon individual request of course also in the language of your choice.


We firemly believe that innovation can be encouraged. In this event format participants are asked to dissent and lateral thinking is not only allowed, but actively encouraged. Creative contributions can lead to new ideas from which sucessful improvents and innovation can grow. The participants will learn that different approaches are important and new ideas are rewarded.


2.0 was yesterday, 4.0 is tomorrow. The digitalisation changes our whole life and behaviour. This also applies to processes and activities of the economy and establishes new chances and possibilities. Our digital concepts highlight the positive aspect of digitalisation and bring a lot of fun.