City Explorer Basel

The City Explorer Basel is an exciting mix of teambuilding event and scavenger hunt. With the City Explorer scavenger hunt, you not only get to know Basel in depth, but also engage with your team members. The innovative and interactive teambuilding event idea.

Every city has its own history, and it is full of fascinating stories and amusing anecdotes: The ideal setting for an interactive scavenger hunt as a teambuilding event in Basel.

After a short briefing the teams are equipped with an iPads, a roadbook and a map and they immediately start on an interactive journey. With the City Explorer scavenger hunt, they not only get to know Basel in depth, but also get to know their team members. Only the team that works and communicates best together can win.

They solve exciting questions, trivias and team challenges about the interesting stories of the city. Can the teams unravel the mystery of the cloister at Basel Munster and find out how many Swiss feet corresponded to one metre at the end of the 19th century? What does the Spalenberg have to do with Roger Federer and other famous Basel personalities? The teams can even meet international rock stars during this scavenger hunt in Basel and try to recreate the Beatles' Abbey Road album cover together.

The teams earn points and compete against the other teams. With the high-tech scavenger hunt you not only get to know your chosen city very well, you also need to perform as a member of a team. Only the team which communicates best, can win the challenge.

This multiple award-winning event concept enables an unforgettable outdoor experience. Every City Explorer event is unique to the location you are visiting. Immerse yourself in the history of the city, learn interesting facts and get to know local people. This event format can be combined with a lunch or dinner to complement a perfect and special day.

City Explorer Basel gives each team a lot of freedom. It chooses its own route for the scavenger hunt, defines a strategy for collecting points and decides individually which missions, tasks or puzzles to tackle. Every team member is important: strategy, knowledge, creativity, communication skills and, above all, team spirit are required. Only the team that works and communicates best together can win.

The real-time communication with the operator and game master is particularly exciting. The operator evaluates the solutions, distributes bonus points and is in contact with the teams via an integrated messenger.

The start and end point of this team event can be customised to your wishes. Idea: For example, we can start near Basel SBB or at Basel City Hall and plan a restaurant (bar, hotel, etc.) of your choice as the end point. The final award ceremony could take place at a cosy aperitif on the Rhine, for example.

For this teambuilding event, you decide the start time and duration. You tell us when to start the scavenger hunt - and we adapt the course of events to your existing programme. This will turn your team event into an unforgettable experience.

Experience, learn and discover Basel with a team scavenger hunt! Read a participant's report on this unique teambuilding event idea here.


Our service

  • Event preparations: consulting, timing and scheduling, adjustments to your individual end location
  • Event implementation: fully managed event with experienced and motivated Event Leader and Guides (introduction, team positioning, support, showdown)
  • Team equipment: team bag incl. tablet
  • Software features: live score, team visibility, souvenir pictures

Additional costs depending on venue and complexity of the event


10 to 500 persons
2 hours
from CHF 75.00 per person, depending on the group size (excl. VAT.) **
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City Explorer Benefits

The perfect mix of strategy, leadership and fun

Team activity and team spirit

Each individual needs to take an active role and interact as well as communicate with his/her team members. For a successful cooperation respect, trust and appreciation are essential. The learning: Every single one of us is jointly responsible for the overall success.


With this game, we encourage the communicative skills of the participants. This includes giving and receiving feedback. The capacity for dialogue, the active listening and engaging in the views and arguments of others are basic elements for mutual trust and to prevent possible misunderstandings.

Task and role allocation 

Each member of the team has individual strengths which he/she can contribute to his/her team in order to achieve the common goals. The better the team is able to recognize and assign the specific strenghts the faster they will be able to master the challenges of this game.