City Explorer

Discover, learn and take up the challenge. This interactive teambuilding asks for cooperation and strategic savvy. A unique digital experience in the city of your choice.

This teamevent begins in the middle of the city of your choice. After a short briefing the teams are equipped with an iPads, a roadbook and a map and they immediately start on an interactive journey. They solve exciting questions, trivias and team challenges about the interesting stories of the city. The teams earn points and compete against the other teams. With the high-tech scavenger hunt you not only get to know your chosen city very well, you also need to perform as a member of a team. Only the team which communicates best, can win the challenge.

This multiple award-winning event concept enables an unforgettable outdoor experience. Every City Explorer event is unique to the location you are visiting. Immerse yourself in the history of the city, learn interesting facts and get to know local people. This event format can be combined with a lunch or dinner to complement a perfect and special day.

Our service

  • Event preparations: consulting, timing and scheduling, adjustments to your individual end location
  • Event implementation: fully managed event with experienced and motivated Event Leader and Guides (introduction, team positioning, support, showdown)
  • Team equipment: team bag incl. tablet, map, roadbook
  • Software features: live score, team visibility, souvenier picture


The City Explorer with your individual content

You like the City Explorer concept but you have very specific topics and objectives for your event? No problem. With the City Explorer Pro we transform your topics into exciting challenges and make your message perceptible. Our dedicated and experienced team will help you plan and deliver a unique, effective and memorable experience. Creativity is not our hobby, it is an attitude to life.


* Additional costs depending on venue and complexity of the event


Zurich, Berne, Lucerne, Zug, Solothurn, Thun, Interlaken, Schaffhausen, St. Gallen, Kreuzlingen/Konstanz, Chur, Geneva, Lausanne
20 to 1000 persons
from 1.5 hours
from CHF 75.00 per person, depending on the group size (excl. VAT.)*
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City Explorer Benefits

The most exciting digital outdoor event for small as well as large groups


We firemly believe that innovation can be encouraged. In this event format participants are asked to dissent and lateral thinking is not only allowed, but actively encouraged. Creative contributions can lead to new ideas from which sucessful improvents and innovation can grow. The participants will learn that different approaches are important and new ideas are rewarded.

Large groups

You want to carry out an event for several hundered people? With this event concept it is possible to send up to 1000 participants on an interactice journey within only a short time.


2.0 was yesterday, 4.0 is tomorrow. The digitalisation changes our whole life and behaviour. This also applies to processes and activities of the economy and establishes new chances and possibilities. Our digital concepts highlight the positive aspect of digitalisation and bring a lot of fun.