Welcome Day Game

With the Welcome Day Game, you offer your new employees an exciting opportunity to integrate quickly and at the same time familiarize themselves with your corporate culture in a fun way.

The Welcome Day Game is a tailor-made solution for your company. We define the content of the game together. You choose from over 20 areas of the company that are important and representative for you,

We have prepared and developed specific tasks, so-called team missions, for these areas. An adaptation of the tabevents app was developed specifically for the new Welcome Day Game to provide an interactive and entertaining platform for these team missions. On request, the game can also be branded in your company's CI.

The Welcome Day Game can be easily integrated into your existing welcome day as an additional module. Many of our customers welcome new employees in the morning with coffee and croissants. This is followed by a welcome from HR or management. Instead of boring the new employees with lengthy PPT presentations as usual, the Welcome Day Game is played straight away.

Dividing the participants into small teams and giving each team an iPad with the game. The teams are networked with each other, which makes for a lot of fun and interaction. Each team tries to complete as many team missions as possible in the given playing time (1 to 1.5 hours),

After the game the teams come back together and can share the photos and attempted solutions of the various teams.

The Welcome Day Game focuses on team interaction and getting to know each other. Initial personal contacts are made in the new company. The participants use the time between the team missions to get to know each other better. In addition, the teams have to find their way around the company independently and find the previously defined locations. This ensures that everyone finds the staff restaurant on the next working day and no one goes home with an empty stomach.

With the Welcome Day Game, companies can not only offer their new employees a welcoming and entertaining introduction, but also ensure that they quickly fit into the corporate culture and receive important information about the company. This playful approach makes the welcome day an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Increase employee retention and offer your new employees a welcome day day that will live long in the memory.

Our offer

To convince you of this unique and powerful solution, we offer you the following: Get to know tabevents and the Welcome Day Game in a 30-minute video call (incl. live demo) free of charge and without obligation. 


International, throughout Switzerland
10 to 1000 persons
from 1 hour
from CHF 39.00 per person, excl. production costs (excl. VAT.)
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Welcome Day Game Benefits


We firemly believe that innovation can be encouraged. In this event format participants are asked to dissent and lateral thinking is not only allowed, but actively encouraged. Creative contributions can lead to new ideas from which sucessful improvents and innovation can grow. The participants will learn that different approaches are important and new ideas are rewarded.

Team activity and team spirit

Each individual needs to take an active role and interact as well as communicate with his/her team members. For a successful cooperation respect, trust and appreciation are essential. The learning: Every single one of us is jointly responsible for the overall success.


2.0 was yesterday, 4.0 is tomorrow. The digitalisation changes our whole life and behaviour. This also applies to processes and activities of the economy and establishes new chances and possibilities. Our digital concepts highlight the positive aspect of digitalisation and bring a lot of fun.