Welcome Day Games

Good Welcome Day concepts cannot be pulled off the cuff and done on the side, so to speak. Companies should take enough time to prepare and seek advice from experts.

We have specialized in Welcome Day games since 2012. In a pilot project, the first Welcome Day game was designed in collaboration with a large pharmaceutical company in Basel - "The Campus Rally". Today, the Campus Rally is still held on the first working day of every month.

Our customers now include many Swiss companies from a wide range of industries. We would now like to introduce you to 2 current projects that are particularly close to our hearts.

Project 1: The aim of the monthly Welcome Day game "Connect USZ" for new USZ employees in Zurich is to make the location tangible in an interactive and team-building way. You can find more information here.

Project 2: The "SESA (Safety & Security) Training" is a 100-minute game in which the playing teams deal with key topics such as evacuation, cyber security, the safe use of social media, medical emergencies and other relevant safety topics as well as error culture. You can find more information here.

Please contact us if you would also like to present your Welcome Day or another topic in your company in a playful way.